Important delivery information

Next day delivery

To take advantage of this service, you must send your orders respecting the deadlines according to the carrier

Weekly delivery by OUR truck Deadline
Orders must be received by the business day preceding the delivery 12h00
Delivery by carriers (regular order) Deadline
Cabano/Papineau – GoJit – Manitoulin 11h00
Loomis – Purolator – UPS 9h00
Dicom 14h00

*** For orders that require assembly, the deadline is 11 h ( no exception )***

Merchandise return

No merchandise will be taken without an authorization number (RMA). You can get it by calling Martin Gareau or Daniel Gareau. This way, we can process your return and avoid inconvenience.

To order

Here are ways to place your order.

Phone Fax Email
(450) 476-1001 (450) 258-4892
Martin Gareau :
(800) 563-2518 (450) 258-4892
Daniel Gareau :
    Mélanie Viens :